Our shop carries the finest imported roses from around the globe. The roses are hand selected by our skilled floral designer to provide you with the best quality roses from the floral market. We are proud to cater to the Los Angeles area with exceptional products that will last with proper care. Not only do we stock voluminous red roses, we also carry a variety of colors seasonally.

Rose Color Meanings

  • Red Roses symbolize love and romance;
  • Pink Roses symbolize admiration grace and elegance;
  • Yellow Roses symbolize happiness, joy and friendship;
  • White Roses symbolize innocence and purity.



Rose Care Instructions:

  • Store out of direct sunlight in a cool place.
  • Regularly change the water as soon as it might look murky.
  • Enjoy.



Properly caring for your roses will provides weeks of enjoyment

Have a specific color in mind? Feel free to special order a color and we will try out best to find it for you.

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